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Ownership and Corporate Structure

Ioschpe family 22,824,191 14.8%
Alaska Investimentos Ltda.* 16,603,862 10.8%
Fundo de Investimento em Ações WPA EST IE 11,077,847 7.2%
Vokin – VKN Administração de Recursos Ltda 11,804,800 7.6%
Treasury shares 2,249,827 1.46%
Other 89,159,074 58.0%
Total Iochpe-Maxion 153,719,601 100%

The Company has a valid Voting Agreement, which was signed on October 28, 2013, between Iochpe family members. To access the voting agreement, click here (Portuguese Only).

* Shareholding held by investment funds and or portfolios under common discretionary management.

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