The Company was founded in “1918”, when we started our lumbering activities, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Over time, we extended our activities to the financial sector and, subsequently, to the industrial sector.

As from the 1990s, we started to focus our operations on the segments of auto parts and railway equipment, with the disposal of a major portion of the assets and equity interest not linked to these segments. In 1998, we initiated an operational restructuring process, including definition of our business portfolio.

In early 2000, 50% of our railway equipment business was disposed to Amsted Industries, giving rise to the incorporation of the joint venture Amsted Maxion. Once the operational restructuring initiated in 1998 was completed, the Company started to conduct its business by means of two companies, the subsidiary AmstedMaxion, in the railway segment, and Maxion Sistemas Automotivos, which has two divisions: wheels and chassis, and automotive components.

In January 2008 we converted our preferred shares to into common shares with the purpose of entering the Novo Mercado trading segment of BM&FBOVESPA, the São Paulo Stock Exchange. In July 2008, aiming at simplifying our operational and corporate structures, the Maxion Sistemas Automotivos merged into the Company, thus resuming its operational nature, concentrating all major operations in Brazil, except for the subsidiary AmstedMaxion, in one single legal entity.

In August 2009, the Company purchased the wheels business of ArvinMeritor in Brazil, Mexico and the United States, which was then named “Fumagalli Division”.

In December 2010, aiming at increasing its production capacity in Mexico, the Company purchased the assets relating to the wheels business of Nugar S.A.P.I. de C.V., a Mexican company controlled by the CIE Automotive group.

In May 2008, we acquire 50% of shares of Montich S.A., reputable Argentine manufacturer of side rails and chassis. In May of the same year, the acquired company had its name changed to Maxion Montich S.A..

In early 2012, we completed the acquisition of the Galaz Group, a Mexican manufacturer of side rails for commercial vehicles, as well as of Hayes Lemmerz, a US global manufacturer of steel wheels for light and commercial vehicles and aluminum automotive wheels for light vehicles.


Iochpe-Maxion is a global company, the world leader in the production of automotive wheels and a leading producer of automotive structural components in the Americas.

We have 31 manufacturing plants located in 14 countries and approximately 15,000 employees, which enables us to serve our customers around the world according to their delivery terms, quality standards and competitiveness requirements.

Our Company holds a high level of technical knowledge, and permanently seeks to provide innovative solutions in the areas in which it operates, using global macro-trends that guide the development of new products and technologies, whether independently or in cooperation with strategic partners.

We operate our core business through two divisions: Maxion Wheels and Maxion Structural Components.

At Maxion Wheels, we produce and sell a wide range of steel wheels for light and commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery and aluminum wheels for light vehicles.

At Maxion Structural Components, we produce side rails, cross members and full frames for commercial vehicles and structural components for light vehicles.

In addition, through AmstedMaxion (joint venture), we produce railway wheels and castings, industrial castings and freight cars.


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