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Global leader in wheel production and leader in structural components in Americas

33 plants in 14 countries with more than 17 thousands employees of 49 nationalities

Focus on innovation and development in the automotive industry

2Q23 Graphs
and Numbers

CV: Commercial Vehicles | LV: Light Vehicles

3Q23 Operational


Net revenue R$ 3.7 billion in 3Q23

Gross margin of 9.9% in 3Q23, an increase of 2.1 p.p.¹

8.7% increase on recurring EBITDA² in 3Q23 with a margin of 8.2%

Leverage³ of  2.85x in 3Q23

Reduction of R$597.3 million (14.3%) in net debt in 3Q23¹

Total liquidity of R$ 3,554.7 million4 in 2Q23 compared to R$ 1,892.9 million in 2Q22

¹Compared to the same period of the previous year

² Not considering the non-recurring effects in both periods

³Net debt/EBITDA of the last 12 moth

4Cash + revolving credit facilities


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