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Head Office

Rua Dr. Othon Barcellos, 83
Cruzeiro – SP – 012730-900
Tel: (12) 3184-1003

São Paulo Office

Rua Luigi Galvani, 146 – 13º andar.
São Paulo – SP – 04575-020
Phone: (55) (11) 5508-3800
Fax: (55) (11) 5506-7353

Shareholders services

Iochpe-Maxion shareholders services is made at any branch of Banco Itaú SA, whose head quarter is located at Praça Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, 100, Torre Itaúsa, São Paulo (SP).

The phone and email to contact the shareholders department of Banco Itaú are (55)(11) 5029-7780 and, respectively.

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