Strategy and Competitive Advantages

We maintain our commitment to a strategic planning that seeks balanced growth with financial discipline through the maintenance of operational margins that are able to provide gains on the capital invested and add value to shareholders. To this end, we seek to:

  • Develop our Current Business: we will continue to concentrate our efforts on our current business and products – “focus on core business” We believe that the products we manufacture can still offer excellent growth opportunities, whether organic or geographic.
  • Internationalization: We plan to increase our share in foreign markets, whether through the construction of new industrial plants or acquisition of companies on the market.
  • Develop Synergic Products: We intend to provide our clients with a greater number of products and services that are in synergy with our current activities. We permanently consider the development of products that relate to our current portfolio, that is, that are based on the same raw materials and production processes currently used.

We believe that our business model gives us a privileged position to take advantage of the growth possibilities in the segments in which we operate. Find below our primary competitive advantages.

  • Market Leadership: we have a significant presence in Brazil’s automotive segment. We believe we are market leaders in the manufacturing of wheels for light vehicles, commercial vehicles and farm machinery, as well as in the production of chassis for commercial vehicles.
  • Global Presence: we hold a significant share in the structural components market in the NAFTA region. Regarding the wheels market, we hold significant market shares in all continents.
    Our capacity for production of wheels totals some 89.2 million wheels/year, 40% of which in Europe, 28% in Brazil, 24% in North America and 8% in Asia.
  • Growth and Financial Discipline: we are careful in the analysis of all investment projects so as to ensure appropriate financial gains. In the past five years, our net operating revenues and EBITDA growth were supported by the permanent modernization and expansion of our industrial complex, as well as by other investments that enabled maintenance of low indebtedness levels.
  • Competitive Production Costs: as a result of our state-of-the-art industrial structure, our clients are served with efficiency and competitiveness. The specialization arising from increased use of steel in the production of wheels and chassis enables competitive production costs in the domestic and foreign markets. Additionally, we use modern production techniques and equipment that provide flexibility to offer to our clients various production processes that fulfill their specific demands with dispatch and at competitive costs.
  • Quality of Products and Processes: the quality of our products and processes is certified in Brazil and abroad by renowned government agencies and independent institutions. We are also recognized as certified suppliers by major vehicle makers, which allows permanent sales growth in Brazil and abroad.

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