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The success of our business depends on not only the decisions and actions we take today, but on the promises, we make to help safeguard our future.

By leading with a focus on innovation, competitiveness and sustainability, we protect the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and global communities we call home. We strive to build and grow an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates diversity, and where we operate our business practices at the highest ethical standards determined to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Company


  • Implement productivity and efficiency projects
  • Continue to change utility sources to renewable energy
  • Investigate direct production of energy through solar, or other renewable power

Supply Chain

  • Include CO2 emissions as part of supplier selection criteria
  • Develop suppliers in regard to CO2 emissions

Support Processes

  • Consider CO2 emissions when selecting logistics companies
  • Offset business travel emissions by supporting certified CO2 elimination projects
  • Decrease CO2 emissions from fleet vehicles by converting fleet to plug-in hybrids, electric or hydrogen cars


  • Reduce weight, balance additional process vs. CO2 (e.g. Light Weight Production Technology)
  • Support industry with design and aerodynamic steel wheels with less energy intensive process process


We integrate social responsibility into our daily operations in ways that advance our business and honor our commitments as a responsible corporate citizen.

We strive to fulfil these commitments while driving business forward, to ensure long-term success for all stakeholders.

  • Health, safety and wellness
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Education
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Fundação Iochpe

Supported by Iochpe-Maxion S.A. for more than 25 years

Formare: +23.500 youth trained

Target: public high school students and art teachers

Direct impact: +70,000 people a year

Virtual impact: +200,000 people a year

Arte at School: +12,000 teachers impacted in 2020


Diversity and inclusion are not just words, they are proven performance drivers and part of our core values.

Launched in 2021, Unique and United is the way we do business and is critical to our future success.

  • Global leadership and structure
  • Policy
  • Training
  • Communications